California Vinegar Sampler Sets

California Vinegar Sampler Sets

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Our California VinegaråÊSampler Set comes from our favorite vinegar made in California. Well-balanced Chaparral Garden's Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar, bold high-intensity O Fig, andåÊdelicious spicy fruit vinegar Chaparral Gardens Pacific Spice.


Chaparral Garden's Blackberry Balsamic VinegarChaparral Garden's Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar

This Chaparral Garden's Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar has a fresh and defined blackberry taste and great when layered with extra virgin olive oil for salads and bread dipping.

California O Fig Balsamic Vinegar

Distinctive fig sweet with high-intensity balsamic vinegar. This handcrafted O Fig balsamic vinegar brings great savory when paired with prosciutto, ricotta cheese, ice cream, and more.

Chaparral Garden's Pacific SpiceChaparral Garden's Pacific Spice

Organic kiwi and secret spicy chili from Chaparral GardensåÊmake sweet, tart, and a subtleåÊspicy fruit vinegar. This delicious spicy fruit vinegar makes great ceviche, Asian noodles, sweet and spicy chicken, and many other. åÊ

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