Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar
Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar

Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar

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Organic kiwi and Chaparral Garden's secret spicy chill blends makes mouth-watering delicious vinegar. No words to describe it.åÊThis delicious citrus and spice fruit vinegar makes great ceviche, Asian noodles, sweet and spicy chicken, and many other


  • Delicious Spicy Citrus Fruit Vinegar
  • Blend ofåÊOrganic Kiwis and Special Chili Picked from California Garden
  • The 2011 Sofi Sliver Award Winner for Outstanding Cooking Sauce/ Flavor EnhanceråÊ
  • Great for Ceviche, Asian Noodles, Chicken, Pork, Seafood, and Any Dish of Your Choice.

    Balsamic Vinegar Chaparral Pacific Spicy Ceviche

    Making Ceviche can be very simple as long as you have a right condiment likeåÊPacific Spice fruit vinegar. Lime juice and chopped cilantro along with this fruit vinegar makes delicious Ceviche. (Go to theåÊsuper easy Tako Ceviche recipeåÊåÊhere).

    This fruit vinegar pairs great with a chicken dish.åÊIt makes ultra light version of sweet and sour chicken. Try this spicy chicken seasoned withåÊHungarian paprika, Caribbean spice, and of course Pacific Spice fruit vinegar. Sweet, sour, and spicy. All different flavors are complementing each other and creates delicious chicken dish. (Go to the chicken recipe here.åÊ)

    What is special about this product is all the ingredients are organic and sourced locally. Their kiwis are picked from neighbor farms and the chili is picked from Chaparral Gardens‰۪ own.åÊ

    Balsamic Vinegar Chaparral Pacific Spicy

    Perfect combination of sweet and sour flavor only with a hint of spicy chili.åÊ

    Chaparral Garden's Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar

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    Pacific Spice Fruit Vinegar