Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Medium peppery flavor and well balanced Seka Hills Arbequina EVOO. This EVOO goes well with almost everything!! åÊ


  • Medium Peppery/PungentåÊ(*what is pungency?)
  • Deliciously Well Balanced FlavoråÊ
  • Oxygen-Free Malaxer/Mixer Olive PasteåÊforåÊthe Freshest Quality Olive Oil
  • Multiple Awards WinneråÊ(2013 Olive Japan Int'l EVOO Competition Gold, 2013 California Olive Oil Council EVOO Competition Silver, and many other)
  • Drizzle Over Tomato Soup, Salad, Bread and Many Other

      Just in case you are new to EVOO like once I was, here is how to make basic salad dressing with EVOO. Easy and quick to make.åÊ


        Seka Hill Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sour DoughSekaHill Extra Virgin Olive Oil

        Robust but not too strong. Nutty and peppery with aroma of fresh green apple.åÊ

        SekaHill Mill SekaHill Malaxer

        (Images fromåÊ

        Alfa Laval Mill from Florence, Italy. It is state-of-the-art mill to bring the finest produce. Also oxygen-free malaxer limits oxygen exposure to olive paste and brings you the freshest extra virgin olive oil.

        Seka Hills Producer Organic ProductionSeka Hills California Olive Oil Council CertifiedåÊ

        (Images fromåÊ

        Seka Hills EVOO is California Olive Council CertifiedåÊExtra Virgin Olive Oil that you can trust it is the true EVOO with theåÊtop quality meeting the high standard for purity, freshness, low acidity, and etc.åÊ


        This medium pungent extra virgin olive oil is a great condiment for your salad or pasta. Not to mention, it is loaded with nutrition. Here are our favorite recipes we found from theåÊblogosphere for your reference and cooking ideas.åÊ


        Agilo E Oilo recipe in a blue plate

        arugula salad with parmesan cheese lemon and olive oil dressing in a bowl

        • 5minutes Quick Tomato Soup from the50m

        extra virgin olive oil tomato soup breakfast

        Not sure yet? Try our sampler size!

        Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sampler Size


        Because it shares the same artichoke note. Because it shares the same level of flavor intensity


        Seka Hills Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil